Parasites & Heartworms

As part of your annual vaccinations, Sierra Animal Hospital strongly recommends testing for intestinal parasites by running a fecal test. Internal parasites in your pet are a public health issue as they can be transmitted from your pet to yourself, your family and your environment with significant consequences.

At Sierra Animal Hospital we are also concerned about heartworms. Heartworms are a parasitic infection, spread by mosquitoes, that ultimately leads to 1′ long worms in the ventricles of the heart. Theses parasites can be fatal as can their uncontrolled demise if an animal with heartworms is given a heartworm preventative.

We recommend annual heartworm tests and having your pet on a heartworm preventative all year round. We offer discounted heartworm tests for owners who buy a heartworm preventative at the same time. An added benefit of a heartworm preventative is that it can also aid in the prevention of other parasites.